Suspicious votes, long times at Dem caucus in NV


Article from the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Clinton voters allowed to break rules: Jorge Pintor at Swope Middle School said, “Preregistrations didn’t go through the system and one registered man was denied his vote for Bernie Sanders because he missed the head count by 5 minutes, where Hillary voters were given the chance to vote and register after. They read the law to us and they allowed Hillary voters to break it!”

Clinton irregularity: Doug Banghart wrote, “On Saturday, I was caucusing at Galena HS in precinct 8254 (GHS theater).  After we began caucusing, a woman walked in late and sat on the Clinton side. When we began to fill out our ballots, this woman rose up and said she didn’t have a ballot.  A participant gave her a ballot.  She then proceeded to vote for Clinton.  How is it that, this woman came in late to a precinct that was split 50-50, didn’t have a ballot in the first place and was given one by another participant?   How is it that a person had an extra ballot to give away?  Did she just come in off the street?  Clinton won the precinct by ONE vote getting 4 out of 7 delegates.  This smells fishy.  Everyone in the room witnessed this woman’s actions.”

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