Election Live Results Observers Catch Sanders Votes Going DOWN – SCREEN SHOT:

Observers are watching the live results come in and documenting the results through screen shots – here is the FIRST big flip.  Sanders votes GO DOWN and percentages flip in huge red flag ways – this is in Delaware.  Here are the screen shots for SUSSEX COUNTY from Washington Post caught by TWO different posters – First taken by: Aimee Rox Coleman (more of these images documented in other participating primary states tonight, we will update as they become available):


Another user caught this from the Guardian:


Aimee also caught this shot from New York documenting how the results go down for Sanders in New York in that primary last week:




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40 Responses to Election Live Results Observers Catch Sanders Votes Going DOWN – SCREEN SHOT:

  1. makerpostla says:

    I also caught it (http://i.imgur.com/BrLNS9t.jpg)…emailed The Guardian and am waiting for a response, have you heard anything?

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  2. Steve Trotto says:

    I need to speak to the author of this article/blog ASAP! Please text me on Facebook at Stephen Paul Trotto


  3. Peggy James says:

    The generation of older public servants resorting to these disgusting tactics to gain more power and shady money or “hand outs” for themselves will come to an end. It is sad and shameful when we have a younger generation of Americans who cannot trust these individuals to even have fair elections. This is exactly the reason they work hard for Senator Bernie Sanders. They respect his integrity and character and wisdom. And, democracy spring has just started.

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  4. Michele says:

    There needs to be an investigation throughout the nation on the corrupt elections that are going on Everywhere

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  5. Molly says:

    Regardless of who wins, all politicians are liars, can’t possibly keep all their promises they say. The last president was voted in because he had a gift for gab, no experience, elected because of his color, by uninformed voters. May the best liar win!


  6. Diane Vierra says:

    What do you recommend CA voters do at this point to prepare for the primaries in order to protect our voting rights. Do you suggest we set up an attorney ahead of time?
    I changed my status from an Independent to a Democrat last summer, after Bernie announced his candidacy. However, my college aged daughter just changed her status from an I to a D in March before the deadline. We have the receipt for it as well, but so did all of those 100,000 voters who were thrown off the voting rolls in New York I’m sure, thanks to HRC’s campaign worker’s friendship with that woman at the Elections Board. Pure corruption, now this story should remind America of who Hillary Clinton really is; the same person she has always been, and was in 2008, and 2002, and 1998, and 1995, and 1993, and 1990, Etc., etc., etc…

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    • Double check your registration to see if you are still registered on the rolls. Register as a dem before May 23. Save all evidence that you are probably registered and bring this evidence with you when you vote. Like election justice usa on facebook and watch for upcoming actions, it is likely they will follow up with lawsuit if voter registration becomes major issue. Warn everyone you know to check status and document their registration status. Report to me, Sanders campaign, and Election Justice USA irregularities.


  7. Sherrie Augusta says:

    Where is Obama? The justice Dept? Where is the outrage over the loss of our democracy. This is not new. There have been video and screenshots since the beginning of this farce called an election. Who can we turn to? Who do we ask for help? I never believed I would see the day in America with evidence so overwhelming that our own President would not help the people who elected him get justice for the basic right of voting in our not so Democratic Country. What is the plan? What is going to happen in the next 8 years that Hillary has to be President. They are getting the most evil of them all which means it can’t be good. Someone please help us.

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  9. Cindy says:

    Debbie, I’m so glad you set up this website. You are doing very important work here. Kudos!


  10. M. Wryter says:



  11. Dr Feinsten says:

    You cant win in an Oligarchy. Listen to the Princeton study who said the US stopped being a democracy in the 1980ies.


  12. Trey C Presnell says:

    This is a blatant attack on our democracy. Or let me rephrase that, THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY when crap like this happens in every state this election. I think all involved should be charged with treason against our nation for blocking democracy.

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  13. Randall miller says:

    +the second picture shows clintons numbers going down, stiil, wrong way for anyone’s numbers to be going as votes are coming in


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  15. Ewok says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that in the third set of screenshots the first frame shows 112.8% reporting and the second one reads only 100%. Maybe that points to dine explanation?


  16. shugahshugah says:

    Please sign the petition for a 10% Hand Count of all ballots in the NY Primary. Because we have paper ballots in NY we have an opportunity to compare the electronic voting results to paper ballots. This is a very unique and important opportunity. It’s really fast to sign the petition.
    #NYprimaryproblems #NYHandCount http://tinyurl.com/hh4dd7m


  17. Amber says:

    Actually Randall…look at the time stamps


  18. Nina Anne Martin says:

    Also… 112% reporting?!


  19. Corinne says:

    just want to point out…on the last picture, clearly the calculations were wrong…it shows 112% reporting and then corrects to 100%


  20. Ooops. Not sure what happened above. Should read:
    Well, this is interesting. I checked my status on sfelections.org, which I have been doing every few weeks for the past several months. Today, it came up as “No voter registration found”. I have screen shots to prove it. I also couldn’t find my partner’s registration. So he called the city & county of San Francisco dept. of elections, and they said we WERE still showing up as registered. Apparently, they are getting lots of calls from panicked voters because their website is experiencing “problems”. Sounds like shenanigans to me.

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  21. Valerie says:

    Please tell me this is legit before I re-post! I don’t want to feel like a fool. It’s just so hard to believe that they would do something this blatant like we aren’t watching or something. Please call the White House and ask the President to open a Federal Investigation into the Clinton campaign’s rigging of this election! I did!! The number is 202-456-1111. I told them the Democratic Party is going down if they ignore this like we are all stupid!!


  22. anthony says:

    the last picture is wrong… it just looks like an error… 1) over 112% reporting and 2) hillary went down too


  23. Reblogged this on Scott Andrew Hutchins and commented:
    Hillary cannot win fairly and legally.


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  25. Fiora says:

    Ok…I’m all for Bernie, and I’m ALL for catching election fraud–which I fully believe gave us Dubya instead of Al Gore. But these screen shots you are showing here and that everyone is going crazy over do NOT show election fraud. You have to compare apples to apples. The votes didn’t “flip”. The screenshots showing Bernie ahead were when fewer districts were reporting. When more districts reported and higher counts of overall voters reported, it shifted. All that tells you is that the early voters in some of the counties were a higher percentage of Bernie–not surprising, because these are the ones all fired up. You can see on the maps that when the larger populated districts (in the second example in New York, the CITY hadn’t yet reported–look at the overall numbers jump before you shout “fraud”! Clinton did very well in NYC, as was expected, while Bernie did well in a few counties that reported early).
    This is actually exactly WHY we don’t call elections until most of the returns are in! Because we WANT the later voters to count also, as well as the biggest districts?


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