This blog was started to provide a centralized source to catalog the MASS amount of election irregularities, discrepancies, voter suppression and purging that have plagued the 2016 Democratic Primary election.  Categories are organized by state.

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  1. Brown Jones says:

    Dear Debbie,
    I think this is the reason Bernie is acting the way he does regarding the election fraud. I posted this on my fb page with a link to your previous video message:

    Let’s send a clear and loud message to Bernie and the corrupt DNC: “If you give Shillary the nomination, we will never vote for her even if Bernie endorses Shillary!”
    It seems that Bernie has been convinced by the DNC that he might get the nomination if he played nice and never spoke about the election fraud especially the blatant one that happened in Arizona!
    It is a well-known fact that neither Bernie nor Shillary is going to get the required pledged delegates before the conference. So the trick they played on Bernie is to convince him that if he payed nice and never spoke against the party establishment (the superdelegates are the establishment!) and never made election fraud an issue, he might get the nomination.
    This is a lie. Here is the reality: the cabal running this country (the DNC and RNC are only puppets) are scared to death from Trump. YES, you heard me right, they scared to death from Trump!
    Trump is leading a coup against the corrupt political system: he is planing to swarm the RNC conference in Cleveland with his supporters and make sure he gets the nomination. The cabal cannot do anything against Trump and his fanatical supporters: Roger Stone is hired by Trump to coordinate the coup and Alex Jones is joining the fight!
    So the cabal’s plan now is to make sure Shillary beats Trump in the general election.
    But they know Shillary cannot beat Trump unless Bernie endorses her, and actually campaigns for her. Off course, they cannot ask Bernie for this now but they can trick him into believing that he might get the nomination as Shillary (and everyone knows this) cannot beat Trump!
    Now, you may ask, “if this is true, is not it possible that the DNC may actually give Bernie the nomination?”
    My answer is NO! Not in a million year!
    There is no chance on earth that the cabal that runs the country would voluntarily allow Bernie to run for the presidency because they know he will win. You would only believe the DNC’s lie if you only think that we live in a democratic country and the DNC is actually competing with the RNC!


  2. Brown Jones says:

    This is the plan: let them know that we will never vote for Hillary even if Bernie, ,Warren, and all the “progressive” line up behind her. This is the only plan.
    And Believe me, when I tell you that Bernie will be the nominee and I am not delusional:
    We know that Trump will be the GOP nominee. This is a fact. Now think about this: Obama leaves the White House and Trump enters as the new President!
    How disgraceful this is to the Democratic Party whose chief is Obama to be in such position.
    The the DNC will do anything to prevent a Trump victory. And who is the most qualified to beat Trump?
    But you may ask why then they keep pushing Hillary as the nominee?
    This is because there are many who prefer her over Bernie and they are very hopeful that they can convince Bernie to endorse her and actually camping for!
    What we need to do is just to make it loud and clear that we will never vote for Hillary even if Bernie endorses her!
    They are monitoring us to see if we are going to accept her but if they feel that she will never get our votes, they will ditch her and beg Bernie to accept the nomination!
    Bernie has not realized (or being modest) how powerful he is but we are his power so we can actually force Bernie on them and make him the nominee. I am very pleased with the current wide-spread refusal of Hillary as this is our ticket to the nomination of Berine!


  3. mark przekurat says:

    Debbie, How can we get the ear of someone in the sanders campaign? I will work with you to get access.. and answers… I am beside myself regarding the continued voting fraud. And the Sanders campaign taking it laying down…. we must petition them to demand hand recounts and process integrity.

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  4. Brown Jones says:

    Dear Debbie,
    I am %100 with you, and I would like to expand on your last video regarding TYT, Trump, and the holocaust!
    The US is not Germany in the 1930’s; the congress and the senate have the power of the purse which can render any action by Trump meaningless (think about Obama now and how little he can do.)
    So the “holocaust” stick, with which they try to herd into Hillary’s stable, will not work unless the mainstream media and the gatekeepers, like the TYT, keep humming this false story into the brainless masses.
    But this is not why I am writing to you. I am writing because I have a feeling that you, like many well-intentioned voters, still believe the myth that the mainstream media installed in many of us.
    Watch this short video and research the guy who made it and your understanding of the danger of Trump will completely change: Trump’s is only danger is against those who created this myth as Trump seems to be also be believing in it. He is dangerous to them because he intend to act on the basis of this myth which will put him in direct conflict with their true goals.


  5. Brown Jones says:

    Dear Debbie, this is the documentary I was referring to. It is the most scientific expose of that myth. It is approved and supported by more than 2500 Americans and International engineers and scientists. This documentary will be a life-changing experience. It is two-hour long but it is worthy of every minute of your life:


  6. Brown Jones says:

    Debbie, I am not sure if you are aware of this article. I would not be surprised if Ted Davine is the one who is “advising” Bernie not to contest the election fraud!

    ““Tad Devine: campaign adviser for Bernie Sanders. Worked at Winston & Strawn LLP, the law firm that has represented Microsoft, Verizon, Phillip Morris, Pfizer and, my favourite because of the magical effect the name has, MONSANTO! Yes, indeed, Bernie’s advisor worked at a law firm that has represented MONSANTO!
    But wait, there’s more!
    Devine also worked for Jon Corzine. As in “found liable for stealing clients’ money” Jon Corzine, although admittedly he’s appealing that. The Jon Corzine who got the $400 million golden parachute when he was forced out as CEO of Goldman Sachs. Member of the Bilderberg Group. That Jon Corzine.
    He worked for deposed Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych (the guy forced out by the Orange Revolution). You know, the guy who had a ridiculously expensive personal mansion which was sort of hard to explain how he could afford on his official salary and that he really hadn’t brought in ostriches to his private petting zoo, they “just happened to be there”. Somehow, magically.
    Let’s see…Devine also advised Alejandro Toledo, the president of Peru who was good buddies with George Bush and signed a free trade agreement with the US that has received much criticism in Peru.
    Oh, there’s a good one. He worked for Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, former president of Bolivia now living in exile in the US and fighting extradition to face trial in Bolivia for the massacre of protesters by government troops.
    Hmm. Also worked for Bertie Ahern, who had to resign as Taoiseach of Ireland after a report documenting him having received money from developers and lying about it.
    So, one of Bernie’s closest advisers has worked directly with corrupt and criminal politicians, and has worked for a firm that represents Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Telecom, MONSANTO! and is just a step away from Big Wall Street and the 1%. Clearly, then, Bernie cannot be trusted due to his close association through Devine to all those people.
    See, isn’t this fun?!
    The fact is, once you get in more stratified circles, you can’t help but deal with others in those circles and in those circles are people who most people won’t like. Hell, as mentioned I’m a single step away from the former Conservative government of Canada and I sure as hell didn’t like them, however much I actually do like, on a personal level, the people who I knew there.
    Devine became well known as an excellent political consultant and was hired by some people that later turned out to  be problematic. Should that be held against Sanders? One would hope not.
    So people at Kroll donated money to Clinton in the past and had clients who later turned out to be crooks? Does that mean Clinton is that much closer to power and corruption than Bernie? Perhaps.
    On the other hand, MONSANTO!”


  7. cassie gobbo says:

    I have been blowing the whistle in Colorado and no one will post it in the media. I have contacted the Denver Post, Jeff Bridges and even attempted to get a post in the Huffington published. I don’t want to give up on trying to report what I saw… why will no one hear me out!!!! I truly believe the rigging is real as I saw it first hand!


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